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Отель Alloggi Agli Artisti 2

Страна: Италия, Венеции

Описание отеля Alloggi Agli Artisti:

The rooms of this hotel are surely superior for its standard. (CQ11/04) Excellent value for money. The hotel is located close to the railway station (St. Lucia) ; equally, its very easy to reach and not too far from the most popular tourist attractions in the city, such as Rialto Bridge or San marco square which are respectfully 10 or 20 minutes away by boat. The area, as the whole of Venice, is rich in monuments and palaces to be viewed from any corner. The area around the station and towards the Jewish Ghetto instead is less touristy, where guests can find the Venetians with their typical markets and shops. Traditional 4-storey building recently restored. Lobby is small and simple. There is a colourful breakfast room where a buffet breakfast is served. The rooms have been entirely restructured in 2003, they are simple but very welcoming. The walls are painted yellow, the frames of the beds are made of dark iron and the fabrics used are colourful and tasteful to create a very warm atmosphere. Every room is dedicated to a different painter whose masterpiece is displayed in the room. The bathrooms are clean and in good condition but just outside the rooms and are to be shared.




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